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October 2018   

"We could not have been happier with the service we received from Alspach Roofing! We were putting our house up for sale and needed a new roof in a hurry. While getting quotes from roofing companies we were recommended Alspach Roofing and were not disappointed. Josh went above and beyond with outstanding customer service, he took the time to listen to our concerns, answer our questions and explain the process in a professional, friendly way. Josh came out on a Wednesday to give us a quote, ordered the roofing supplies on Thursday, had the brand new, quality roof installed on Friday and we had our house on the market and sold the following Monday. We could not believe how quick the turnaround was, how fair the pricing was and how excellent the customer service was throughout the entire process. You will not be disappointed, we would highly recommend Alspach Roofing!"

-Molly & Jason  

"On May 22, 2017 my neighbor was having Josh check her roof for an estimate. I told her to have him check my roof also because I had a leak in the ridge row areas and valleys. Josh not only checked it, he told me what was causing the leaks. My roof is only 5 years old, I had been told by another roofer that I needed a whole new roof. He told me what was causing the leaks and applied sealant and new roofing on the ridge row and applied sealant to the valleys. Josh was very polite and kind. Both my neighbor and I will recommend him to others for his honesty, good work and kindness. My neighbor is having a new roof put on by Josh next week. I appreciated him telling me I didn't need a new roof, all I needed was some repairs. I had the leak because the roofers never overlapped the ridge row when they put it on. His honesty was overwhelming. I really admire him for his honest work"
- Dolores H.

"I contacted Alspach Roofing to come over and take a look at my roof - they came over and completed the work that needed to be done that same day for what I felt was a very fair price. They have been extremely quick, efficient and very easy and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!"

"Hi! My name is David Epp and I recently had my roof replaced, courtesy of Alspach Roofing. I do like to make it known when I get exemplary customer service, and I must say that Alspach Roofing delivered with flying colors. I owned a different house about 12 years ago in the same small town that I live in (Syracuse, NE) and it took me over a month to locate someone able to accomplish the task. Alspach Roofing gave me an acceptable quote, and in less than a week, I had a new roof. The workers did an excellent job, cleaned up the area around the house, and were done in less than a day. I would recommend Alspach Roofing for ANY roofing needs. They were truly outstanding. "
Sincerely, - David E.

"I would like to praise Alspach Roofing for the work that was recently completed on my home.
Like many people, I had never had the need for a roofing company until the hail storm this spring.
After an event such as that a ton of respectable, and not so respectable companies flood the market with ads and flyers to repair your roof and it can be overwhelming.
I called Alspach Roofing because my neighbor had recommended them after he had some work done by them in the past.
Josh was there to meet with me and the insurance adjuster to help ensure the process went smoothly and to answer all of my questions.
He was also able to secure the information needed about code changes that had occurred after my house was built so that we were able to get the proper compensation for the roof replacement.
Once the work started they were fast, clean and efficient. My entire roof was completed in 1 day and the gutters were replaced in a just a couple of hours.
I am exceptionally satisfied with the work that Alspach Roofing did on my home and if I need more work on my roof in the future I will definitely be calling them again."
- Todd S.
Omaha, NE

"I sold my house and after the Home Inspection, some questions were raised concerning the roof. I called Alspach Roofing, as I knew I would get an honest evaluation. Knowing I was under a tight timeline, Josh came within 24 Hrs and assessed the roof and made some needed repairs at a fair price. No gimmicks or taking advantage of a desperate homeowner! I will definitely use them in the future and recommend them for anyone in the market for roofing."
- Tom D.

"Alspach Roofing was referred to me by a colleague and they did not disappoint! They have now completed multiple jobs for us, both big and small, and they have always been extremely responsive and excellent at communication. All jobs have been done in a timely manner and I can always trust them to quote a fair price. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs any roofing work done, big or small!"
- Maggie R.

"After a hail storm this summer my wife and I were stuck wondering what contractor to hire to replace our severely damaged roof. Since this was the first home we have ever owned, we had no idea where to start. Fortunately, our neighbor recommended Alspach Roofing. Josh was able to walk us through the entire process and answered all of our questions. The new roof was completed on time and looks great. You can really see both the quality of the product and installation. Just as important, Josh continued to be extremely responsive to any additional questions we had throughout the process. We have already recommended Alspach Roofing to friends and family. We will continue to recommend them thanks to their superior workmanship and customer service they provided!" 

- Blake G

"After a hail storm blew through Omaha, a co-worker recommended Alspach to us. Josh was super helpful from the very beginning and walked us through every step of the process. We were in line behind a number of other jobs, which was fine, when our roof started to leak in the kitchen. I texted Josh and we were moved to the front of the line. They were quick, did great work, and best of all they cleaned up very well after themselves! We also had an issue with some rotten facia board and Josh took care of this himself personally. We would definitely recommend Alspach for roofing and gutters – thank you Josh and Alspach Roofing!"
- Eric K

"I highly recommend Alspach roofing. They have worked with numerous clients of mine over many years. They are professional with competitive pricing and do not try to inflate bids on houses with hail claims. I have had 100 % satisfaction with Alspach roofing!"
- Wendy Welch, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services.


"Being a busy executive time, trust and clear communication are top of mind when selecting a company to work with. Knowing I was not going to climb up on my roof to inspect the work I had zero idea who I could trust to get the job done right.

After receiving a referral from my real estate agent I contacted Alspach roofing via email and the process was surprisingly seamless. As I traveled for work the owner's son Josh communicated via email on everything from color choices, install dates, timelines, pricing, and up front expectations on the install day. Throughout the job Josh Alspach remained in communication about the status of the roof and sent completed pictures once the job was finalized.

I have high expectations of individuals and Alspach exceeded all expectations. Although I did not know Josh or his company before this experience, as a homeowner it always feels good to have one more trusted professional in the address book."

-Daniel Castagnoli

"Alspach Roofing is amazing! We received our estimate from our insurance provider on a Thursday and Alspach Roofing was up and at ’em working on our roof that Monday morning. Not only did they start working on our roof quickly, they also finished speedily in 1 day. Communication was also super easy! I couldn’t recommend Alspach Roofing enough! Also, our roof looks so great!!"

-Grace C.

I would 100% recommend Alspach Roofing to any one that I know. I am a full-time Realtor in town and in many transactions that I handle there is something roof related that gets brought up. Alspach Roofing is my first call every single time. I trust them to take care of each of my clients as if it were their own homes. I know that they will show up when they say and will represent themselves professionally to my clients. I love that they are local, family-owned, and will do what is very best for their customers. 10/10 for Alspach Roofing! 

-Brittney McCallister